Our weekend

What a weekend.

Man in the tree.

Saturday morning Rhayn went with the local LDS ward to the temple to see the Nativities. I dropped her off at the building at 9:30 (I was one of the first ones there, you see, in my world, if it says drop them off at 9:30 I will arrive a little early, but I forgot about MST- and that whole 15 minutes late thing.) It all worked out fine though. After that, I ran into a store to get eggs and milk then came home.

I figured that since Rhayn was busy, I would take Gwennie to the library. This turned into a big deal for two reasons. One- our car wouldn't start (even though I had driven it to drop Rhayn off earlier and so we took the truck). Two- the library was giving out H1N1 vaccinations in the kids section, and that was the part we wanted to be in. The line wrapped through the audio books (the other area I needed) and around about half of the library. It was a mess.
Rhayn next to a really big branch.

When we got home, Will went out to check the car, and said it sounded like the starter had gone out. We would have to have it towed to a mechanic. I know that the machanic is ridiculously busy on Saturday so we waited until Monday (they also aren't open on Sunday.)

The girls and I were out picking up the back yard as Will stopped working on the patio cover. He and I decided to trim the mesquite weed, um I mean tree, that grows in our back yard. The storm we had last week had not broken it, but we were lucky that it hadn't. Will cut a couple of very large branches out and it suddenly looked rather naked. Together we stripped all the little leaves and new growth off of the branches and put it into the compost.

Gwennie riding a branch like a horse.

Ready to go in her warm hat.

After that Rhayn had to be at school for the spiral garden festival at her school. I love this, sitting in a dark room filled with the smell of pine and watching as my child reverently walks the spiral with a candle in an apple. I had thought after this event that I had a Christmas party to go to at a friend's house. So the girls came home, and went to bed while I went to her house. Whoops, it was really next weekend. Instead I hung out chatting with her for a while before heading back home. (Luckily she only lives about a mile from me.)
Pressing the cookie cutter firmly.

Sunday morning it was cloudy and chilly. I decided that I needed to finish my Christmas
shopping sans children. I also needed to buy some framing nails for Will's patio cover redo. It was nice to be alone for a while, and when I got home the girls were making sugar cookies with Will (from cookathon dough.) I made the frosting for them and we all enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Cookie time!

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bodaat said...

sounds like a great and busy weekend!

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