Whew... Instead of procrastinating today, I actually wrote. I wrote over 2000 words in my story (Uping my story to near 8000 words!) Not all in one scene, I am working on a few places of the story, trying to figure out how they all fit together. Writing when a scene pops into my head, figuring that the story will eventually work itself out.

Did I mention that I am writing a story? Hopefully someday it will actually be a full story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Right now, its a beginning, a little bit of middle and no clue as to the ending. But it feels good to write. Maybe it won't be any good. Maybe I am not the author I think I am. It is cathartic to write for me. That is why I started this blog, because I have always written. I don't do it for you, or for anyone else (most of the time), I write for me. That anyone would want to read it (besides my husband) is just fantastic.

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Everyday Mom Designs said...

:) I enjoy your writing. I have started to blog more again.. but my only problem is that I don't get enough time to write, so I write in bunches... I write several blog entries and then schedule them... some people hate that, but that's what I have to do. :)

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