Instead of doing anything productive...

I am going to write a blog post about what we did this weekend! Whoo hoo.

Saturday we went to the Desert Botanical Garden's fall festivities. It was lovely. A little warm, and I had yet another headache, but nevertheless beautiful.

To get to the pumpkin patch you had to take the hay ride. So while the girls and I played the games, Will stood in line. It worked out perfectly as the girls and I only had to be in line for about ten minutes, and they were able to see everything there was to see.
Gwennie throwing a pumpkin, in pumpkin bowling.

Will standing in line.

The kids each got to pick a pumpkin. Rhayn saw a man with an odd looking pumpkin and declared she wanted on "just like that!" My only rule was that she needed to be able to carry the pumpkin herself (at least part way.) Gwennie chose a very small pumpkin so no worries there.

Rhayn's pumpkin.

There was a small petting zoo with the sweetest little pony. Gwennie loved him, but she also enjoyed catching and holding the chickens.

Gwennie and the pony.

Next up was pumpkin decorating. Once again Will stood in line while the girls and I decorated pumpkins. It worked beautifully again.

Drawing a face on the pumpkin.

Sunday evening I was on the computer when Rhayn ran in the house yelling "Penny's face is swollen and huge!" I got up checked her out. Immediately I sent the girls up to get Will in his office (installing Windows 7 on his computer, as he had spent the day before installing it on our family computer.) He came down and I told him that I shoved some benadryl down her throat and that it looked like she had been biting bees.

As my mom knows, dogs like to bite bees. I don't know why, they just do. Lily does it all the time and has on occasion been stung, but its never been more than a little bump and some discomfort for her. Penny, on the other hand, had a pretty severe reaction. Her breathing was fine, but Will crushed up some benadryl for her (as well as the one I gave her) and within an hour her face was almost back to normal.

While Penny was waiting for her face to de, Lily never really left her side. She was a perfect nursemaid. But it might have been that Penny got a special treat and Lily was waiting for hers!


Mo said...

Poor pooch! I am so glad she is better.

I love the DBG pumpkin festival but we couldn't make it this year due to general craziness. I missed it :(

Amie said...

The pumpkin patch looks fun! And poor poor doggie! Thanks so much for GC. And thanks to Gwennie for her art. Going on my fridge. :)

Cornfed Princess said...

Bonus to having the hubby back - he stands in line! Pete sends his love to his girlfriends. :) Miss you guys!

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