Mother's Day

Blah. I have always disliked this holiday. I feel like I can never do the "right thing" for my own mom. Now that I am the mom, I feel like it is just an excuse to buy crap. That being said, this year was decent.
On Friday I received a Fed-Ex package from a jewelry company. I didn't even think (or notice at first that it was a jewelry company) and opened it. Inside was a lovely blue topaz pendant. One that I had in fact looked at because it was featured on Ben's Bargains. I will admit that for a moment, I thought that it would be really nice to buy it. But dismissed it quickly because I have necklaces and it was frivilous. So upon opening the velvety black box and seeing the pendant, I felt a swell of, I don't know how to describe it, joy maybe? But not really. It was just a really nice feeling.
Saturday we went to my parents house. We watched Rhayn's cousins' school performance. I was able to talk my awesome cousin (Hairball) into going to see Star Trek with me. It was awesome, by the way. I loved it, and can not stop thinking about it. The Trekkie in me was pleased with it.
We woke up Sunday at my parents house, and I spent some time talking to my brother Ender. He was visiting with his wife (whom my children love and have missed incredibly.) We had a lesiurly morning talking with my parents and brother. Then we came home.
Rhayn had gone to a church activity day last Wednesday. They had made something for the moms, and were instructed to hide it away until Mother's Day. She did. She was so excited to give it to me, too. Her enthusiasm was worth everything, and totally made my heart swell with pride in this sweet girl I am raising. Even if we are working on the lying issues. When we got home, she ran upstairs to drag out the gift, and asked me if I was ready to open it. I sat on the couch. It was a pair of gloves, stuffed and with ribbons tied on the fingers. It sounds strange, but it looks really neat hanging on the patio and blowing in the wind. She told me that she picked thegloves (gardening gloves) out because she knows I like yellow and caterpillers. Yes on both accounts. She was really thoughtful about it, chosing what I would like, and not just what she would like. This is so grown up of her, in the past gifts that she has given me were always something she liked, for instance a ring that is really sparkly. The stone is lovely, and I did like it, but it really was more something she liked that me.

Then again, I think that Will choses gifts the same way. He buys me clothes that he feels will look good on me, clothes that he wants to see on me. He is usually correct, but they aren't usually items I would buy. He does listen and I think I appreciate that most of all.


tif-do said...

Sounds like you had a great mothers day! I'm happy that you did, you deserve the best!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I'm glad you had a great mother's day.. You need to allow yourself to be happy and feel some joy.. even when your hubby isn't around.. I know it's hard.. I lived that life too, but you have to..

Mo said...

Happy Mothers day Leaner! Glad you had a nice day.

homeslice said...

love the pendant! it's gorgeous! and the homemade mother's day gifts were the hit around my house too -

Amie said...

the necklace is beautiful!

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