Long Weekend

We spent the weekend in Prescott. Will's brother lives there with his wife and their three children. It was a nice trip, the kids play well together. Their oldest is nine, Rhayn is seven, they have nearly 5 year old twins (boy/girl) and then Gwennie is almost 3.

We arrived Thursday afternoon, so that we could watch my sister-in-law clog in the town square. The kids enjoyed that, not because of the music, or the clogging, but because of the poles that they could climb. During the clogging we walked the kids across the street and bought them frozen yogurt at TCBY.

We watched fireworks on the fourth of July, close enough for the girls to hear them this year. But it was cold and wet from an afternoon rainstorm and sitting out was not as pleasant as it could have been.

The next day we headed out for a late breakfast and to check out the craft booths at the town square. Gwennie was so worn out from not enough sleep over the last few days that when Daddy told her to stop bothering her sister she pouted until she fell asleep in the booth.

At the square we found rock rings to buy and bought freshly made cotton candy from the Lions Club.
For some reason the cotton candy Gwennie received was twice as big as anyone else's. We came home on Saturday night, and I took a muscle relaxer because I was having some serious back/side pain. It basically rendered me useless for about twenty-four hours. It did stop the pain. Since it forced me to remain horizontal nearly all day I did not aggravate the area that was hurting me further. I am worried about the pain though, as I have had it for about a month. In the morning it doesn't bother me, but by late afternoon, early evening it hurts to bend over, or to sit upright. I need to wait until Will is back on active duty before I go to the doctor about it. (Hopefully it has stopped hurting by then) because the girls and I currently do not have health insurance.

There are a lot of other things to write about, but I am still a little groggy from my weird day of sleep. I will get to them later.


Alicia said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend. That cotton candy is monstrous! It's twice as big as her head.

I hope you're feeling better soon. That sounds awful. I know a little about back pain, so you have my sympathy.

HomeSlice said...

great pictures! and wonderful weekend - minus the back pain. that is a serious drag.

Sara said...

I have a serious need for some cotton candy now, and a nap.

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