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Mo over at Green Desert tagged me. I am pretty sure that I have done this one before, but its been a while and over time these things change, don't they? Or maybe it is that I am thinking about something different today.

Here are the rules-

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Here are six things about myself:
1. I am about to start my moon time and am I ever so happy about that. Seriously, its like a sudden freedom. I think that the Diva cup has a lot to do with that feeling of freedom.
2. I read a lot. At this moment I have 3 books that I am in the middle of. A friend just loaned me more books and I purchased The Host at Costco yesterday (Why didn't they have the Twilight series there? I do think I want to wait and purchase that as a boxed set in August... if they offer it.)
3. I fancy myself to be artistic. I used to be able to draw realistic looking people. Now? Not so much. It seems that I am quite out of practice.
4. I love my dog. I never thought I would be so attached to a dog, not since our dearly departed Spike (Brittany Spaniel we had when I was in high school.) But Lily? She brings out the love in me and I want to photograph her all of the time.
5. I am really tan right now. Seriously. For the first time EVER in my life, I am a darker shade than my little sister, Dacheese. I know that this will probably lead to skin cancer, but right now it is making me feel more alive. The sun rejuvenates me.
6. Um... my toe still hurts. But it is healing pretty fast. I wish I wasn't so klutzy and didn't break it so often, but whatcha gonna do?


Mo said...

Thanks for doing this, I enjoyed reading your random things!

I was just thinking earlier about my two little dark haired, brown eyed little girls, and thinking about how there is so much in our lives that doesn't turn out the way we expect, and that this is one of the few things that did for me. So it is funny that this reminded you of your dream for a brown eyed little boy! Don't give up on that dream just yet though, life is full of surprises!

lvh said...

do we all need to chip in and buy you some steel-toe boots to save your poor little toe. I know I'm getting a little darker as I'm spending more time in the sun this summer but unfortunately it is definitely a farmer's tan. Have a wonderful weekend.

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