Yum and Finally Rhayn Drinking Tea

What could be better than a traditional Cornish pasty? We grew up eating these tasty hand pies (not to be confused with Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies.) I met my mom for lunch today and had one of these, the traditional "Oggy" filled with steak, onions, potatoes and rutabaga. I have always loved the mixture of beef, onion and potato. Is that a German thing? Is it Swiss? All I can be certain of is, that is my favorite mix of flavors, and so comforting.

Here is a picture of Rhayn drinking tea at her party, in dainty white gloves. I had been trying, unsuccessfully to post this picture . I found out that blogger did not like the format I saved it in. (I had cropped it in Macromedia Fireworks it is a great program, once you get used to it.) I had to recrop it in paint, before Blogger would let me post it! Anyway, how cute is she? The Fireworks copy was much nicer, as I didn't have to first shrink the picture.

I have had a few parents come up and tell me that their daughters had a great time. One even said her daughter told her "You totally missed out, Mom!" (Her dad brought her.) That makes me feel relief. I was so worried about it. Although my friend JD told me that I appeared calm and serene through the ordeal. I took Rescue Remedy before hand, I believe that helped a lot.

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lvh said...

Pasties are actually from Wales. They were originally what the miners took for lunch to work. Sometimes at one end they would have some fruit so the miner would have dessert included in his lunch. We got the recipe from Auntie Florence - in 1968 when the mines were on strike in Globe, the church made a lot of these and sold them so the girls could go to camp that summer. I love them too and frequently make a bunch of them to stick in the freezer. They freeze great and are such a simple lunch / dinner - just heat them up. The tea party looked like a lot of fun wish we could all have been there.

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