29 Month Newsletter- Late Edition

Dear Gwennie Goo,

It is a few weeks past the day you turned twenty-nine months old, but I still wanted to post a short note to you. In a short amount of time you will be two and a half, that sounds so old. You have had a nasty month. I swear you have been sick nonstop this month.

We are working though a really hard beginning of a very difficult few years. Your Daddy is gone and we are trying to survive without him. It gives us all strength. But you miss him. Sometimes you tell me that you miss him, out of the blue. You will just say “I want my Daddy,” and my heart breaks open for you. This will not be easy and I worry how it will affect you, but I know we will make it.

You are growing more independent all of the time. You try to dress yourself. You want to buckle yourself (and sometimes you do) and climb in and out of the car alone. I let you do much of it. Sometimes you turn back into a baby, you climb into my “yap” and cuddle and ask for gup. We only do that right before bed, but it doesn’t stop you from asking and trying to get it. Although I think sometimes that maybe you ask because you need it, I need for you to not be nursing all day. I feel better. I do not mind that you still want it at bedtime, I will be alright with this for awhile longer. Some days I wonder if you are really all done, but then you curl into my lap, and tug on my shirt, eyes pleading and I hold you close for a moment before allowing you to have gup.

I know you are not going to be a baby much longer. You really aren’t one now. I love your still a baby moments, and I love your big girl moments, too.


Your Mama

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