Tea Party

To celebrate Rhayn's birthday this year, we threw a tea party for the girls in her class. It worked out perfectly, in my mind. Especially considering I have never thrown a party before. I mean, we have had "get togethers" but not a party like this. I made peanut butter and jelly rolls, cucumber sandwiches, and heart shaped turkey sandwiches. I borrowed a melon baller and we had watermelon. For dessert I purchased phillo cups and filled them with fruit and also made mini cup cakes, using my mini muffin tin and some teeny tiny cupcake papers. I hurried picking up, vacuuming, dusting, wiping things down, and making sure that everything looked presentable. At about 12:45, I locked Lily in her crate, in my bathroom and finished setting out a few final details. I was completely ready at one, when the guests were set to arrive.

The girls were dressed up, and even allowed me to curl their hair. Gwen sat perfectly still, so that her hair could be "so pwettee" like sister's.

Seven of Rhayn's class mates showed up. It was rather chaotic for about twenty minutes, while they ran through the house. Rhayn had to show them her room. After that the girls sat at the table, and had food and sipped cups (maybe not so daintily) of chamomile and berry zinger tea. There was also water, in case they needed it.

As they finished eating, the girls ran around some more. Playing games including (apparently the best thing in the world to do while dressed up) sliding face first on their bellies down the stairs. This lasted about five minutes and by now it was nearly two. A few of the moms helped by washing the plates while I got the cupcakes and tarts out. We sat the girls back down and passed out dessert.

Following dessert was Rhayn's favorite part of the day- opening presents. She received quite a lot of nice things, including a Schleich unicorn that she has longed for probably for a year or so at Target.

I had a craft for the kids to make, in case they were in need of direction, but time ran out. However the girls still wanted to make them, and so I quickly cut up fabric, tulle, and lace to send them each a kit home. This was ideal to me, because they each get to make them at home and no glue was spilled on my carpet!

Now that the guests have gone, and I am sitting here, I feel totally exhausted! I also managed to not end up with a huge mess afterwards. Since I sent home the tea cups with the girls as party favors, there are relatively few dishes to do.

*Check back, I have a really cute picture of Rhayn drinking from her cup that blogger will not let me upload.


tif-do said...

What a great idea. It sounds like it turned out wonderful.

Amie said...

sooo way cute!!!

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