Sleeping Sisters

I put Rhayn to bed at 7 and then Gwennie and I watched TV for a little while. She goes to bed at 8. I brought her upstairs, gave her her unicorn and elephant to sleep with. I didn't hear any noise, but when I came upstairs to go to bed myself, she wasn't there. I looked in the obvious place, and there she was laying next to her sister, such a big girl. They grow up so fast, don't they? It makes me ache inside because she is such a big girl, and I know my baby bug is gone. She is almost weaned (one time a day.) She sometimes acts like she wants to potty train. And she wants to sleep with her sister and not with me.

I should leave her there, but I won't. I want her next to me. I am not ready to be in my big bed alone. Not just yet. Maybe next week.

1 comment:

tif-do said...

They look so sweet! I make Kasey sleep with me when Kenneths gone too. I just don't sleep well alone, and not quite ready for her to be so big.

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