Show Me the Pink!

Some time before Christmas Will was shopping at Best Buy for work. We don't normally shop there, as it is pricey and well you can almost always find whatever you want for cheaper online. He bought some software I believe and received a $75 gift card. We looked at external hard drives so he could take movies with him on his trips. They were outrageously priced there and he found an awesome deal online. He gave me the gift card, and told me I could use it. I figured I would buy some movies or cds.

I went in to Best Buy, with intent to purchase a Blue October cd. I looked at it, but decided I really didn't want it that badly. I wandered around taking my time because I had Gwen wrapped up on me and fast asleep. I walked by the MP3 players, and thought that would be nice to have. So I started looking at them. I glanced for a moment at the iPods. Way out of my price range, even the shuffle was more than I wanted to spend. I wandered back to the other MP3 players and saw a few that looked alright. I read specifications, which honestly meant a whole lot of nothing to me. I decided that a 2GB would be a decent size. I found a Samsung U3 that was decent, but the pink color was a little too hot pink for me. Then I saw the Sandisk Sansa. It was little, similar in design to the iPod, and just the right shade of fuchsia. I immediately decided that this was the MP3 player for me. I headed up to the register with my new friend.

I am counting it as a Valentine's Day/Anniversary gift. It is so pretty and pink and little and fits so nicely. I was excited to find that I can listen to radio on it, because I like listening to NPR but find many of the programs to be too much for the girls. They don't need to hear about soldiers dying in Iraq. I can not imagine how that would feel, knowing your daddy is a soldier, and especially with him not being home with us. It has to be hard to understand that he is not in the war zone. I now can listen to NPR without them listening. That makes me happy.

I bought the girls stuffed unicorns for Valentine's Day. Not that I usually get them a gift, it just made me feel good to give them something. They are a little bit big. But as I am redoing Rhayn's room in fairytale decoration... the unicorns will look great in there!

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tif-do said...

I love love love Blue October and listen to the CD Foiled for the Last Time over and over. There's probably only one song that I don't care for. Anyway enouph on that... super for you to buy something special for yourself. And cute unicorn.

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