Mornin' To Ya

At seven this morning, Rhayn comes jumping into my bed. I just want to sleep as I can feel a massive headache pounding between my right eye and temple. Throbbing, the way only a migraine can. I tell the girls to go play, stay upstairs, but go play. I roll over and look out of the window.

It is as thick as pea soup out there, the fog. I can't see anything besides the fog out of my window. I wish my head wasn't hurting because fog is so rare in the desert! But I roll over and go back to sleep for an hour.

Around 8:20, they start making noise and I slowly wake up. Then I hear the gate open, and little feet go downstairs. Then the not so quiet footsteps of a fifty pound barrel of muscle.

Then the worst noise a migraine sufferer can hear at 8:30 in the morning. The alarm goes off. Its WEEEOOOOWEEEEEEOOOOOWWEEEEEOOOOO is so loud and painful I leap from my bed, and run downstairs to turn it off. Head throbbing, eyes bulging, brain racing. I know the girls probably just went to let Lily out to go potty. But I told them to stay upstairs. Grrr.

After that, I gave them (and myself) a bowl of Frosted Miniwheats made coffee, and went back upstairs to got on here. I glanced out of the window again, it was now 8:45 and the fog was still hanging out. Not as thick as pea soup any more, but still noticeable. Being a blogger and seeing an oppurtunity to blog about something mundane, I ran outside, camera in hand and started taking pictures. The picture I posted is neat (to me) because it was taken right into the sun. Can you see it, too? I have a lot of pictures I have taken towards that flag. Just a few mornings ago I woke up to the most brilliant sunrise I have ever seen. The yellow and oranges were vibrant. So out I ran, camera in hand. I captured this. Not as clear as I would have liked, but you can see the vibrancy, the flag. Isn't it pretty?

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