I began the process of moving Rhayn into her new room today. Even though I felt like I should have spent another day in bed. My head aches, and my body is just tired. I know that part of it is my mind dealing with the reality of Will not being here.

Our queen sized guest bed was moved into Rhayn's room. She was excited, because she gets to sleep in it until her "new room" and her "new bed" are painted. I took her bed apart, and put her mattress on top of Gwen's mattress. This made Gwen's bed the same height as my bed (which takes away her jumping fun, she loves to do flips off of my bed onto her own.)

Tomorrow I will spend more time sanding Rhayn's bed so that I can paint it. I also plan to paint my dresser to match as well as two night stands we have. I saw a really neat tutorial on faux lace for dressers, and might try that. I am not sure. So far I feel like I have a huge project started and I feel also like it needs to, HAS TO be done by her birthday. Maybe I can finish it the night before and she can spend her last night as a six year old in her new room. We'll see how it plays out.

I know that Gwen badly wants to sleep with her sister. She is trying to right now. I told her that she can, as soon as she uses the potty and wears panties all day. Is that wrong? Is it a good incentive for her? I know she will potty train/learn when she is ready, but I know that she could be ready. I could happily be done with diapers, I mean who wouldn't gladly be done with diapers? I suppose I need to get her out of there, she is keeping her sister awake. We need to go downstairs and have gup so that she can go to sleep, too. (Read as- so mama can go to bed.)

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