Going to a Parade

Today my friend JD and I took our girls to the "Horse Parade." It is actually called the Parada del Sol Parade. It is a huge event in Arizona. I went years ago with an ex boyfriend, to the actual rodeo part. It was interesting, but not my cup of tea, ya know?

We had a great time. We spent the whole day hanging out with JD's family. She has a daughter E who is in Rhayn's class and another A who is a little younger than Gwen, but they play so well together.

During the parade we sat next to a group of people who had red cups filled with something that they were dipping celery in. (Bloody Mary? Check them out in the picture of Rhayn.) They were also loud and a lot of fun, with huge hats and loud voices. I am positive that 10 in the morning must be the time to start drinking. We were also located directly across the street from an adult shop. (You can see that in the picture of the little girl on the pony.) Hilarious, I only saw one person go in there. He looked hurried, but maybe he was an employee?
After the parade we had hot dogs at Weinerschnitzel. Normally I am not a hot dog lover, but their polish sandwich (with kraut of course) is tasty and fairly cheap.

JD and I dropped the girls off at her house with her husband and hit a thrift store. (50% off of everything! WHOO HOO!) I picked up a few more tea cups for Rhayn's birthday party and even found a pair of jeans. I came out of their with seven items for $12. Bargain time! Oh Yeah! We decided that since her husband is a kindergarten teacher he would be alright with all of the kids and stopped for an ice cream before we headed back. Yum. We sat and chatted freely. It was so awesome.

We spent the afternoon at their house, and had dinner (soup, yummy!) before leaving around five. It was a tiring but lovely day. I am so ready to sleep now. It is almost bed time for the girls, then I will sit down and watch a little television before hitting the hay myself.

I have to say that I do feel happier than I have in a very long time, yet sad at the same time. My friend told me that they will (most likely) be moving out of the state this summer. I swear that any time I make a good friend they move. It has been happening since I was in kindergarten. I have the hardest time making good quality, call-you-anytime-for-any-reason type friends. The kind you can tell anything to. I finally find one, the best pal, and I need her so much, and she might move?

Oh, yeah, I am not thinking about it. I am ignoring that. I had a great day. We laughed, played and joked. We talked about families and youth and our kids. It was so perfect. I will not taint it by even thinking about her moving anymore. And also, I just felt free for a while today. Free from worry and care. I want to hold on to that feeling, just a little while longer.

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tif-do said...

Sounds like a great day that you so much deserved!

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