Singing the Daycare Blues

This is one of those moments that I totally wish I had family that lived down the street. I am registered to take a class, it starts the fifteenth. I have been calling around to find someone to watch Gwennie Goo, and thought I had found the perfect one. Well I call today and she says they are basically full, and she has no room to take another bugger. (Not her exact words.) I have NO idea what to do. She recommended another place, and I will be calling them. (I called immediately and received the machine.) She said that if there is no one else that I would feel comfortable with to call her on Saturday, and we will talk about it. She made me feel easy on the phone, and I know someone who sends her son there. Sigh.

My sister is so lucky. Madder gets to visit Hairball and PurpleLurple. She didn't have to find someone she doesn't know, or someone in a phone book (or website.)

I feel so frustrated. It doesn't help that I am pretty darn sure I have a cold (thanks Will.) Last night I had to take a decongestant in the middle of the night because my nose was a water faucet.

Its not too late to drop that class and get a refund... because I am feeling so overwhelmed by it all. I would love to find someone to watch her that we both feel comfortable with... is that too much to ask?

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tif-do said...

I know how you feel... I don't trust many with my kids... I tried once to leave them with a non relative so I could work and it was a nightmare for me. I know how badly you want to take that class, I hope it all works out for you.

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