Rhayny Day 2

Rhayny Day,

In a few months you will turn seven. It seems hardly possible! This month you lost another tooth, the bottom left. Your smile looks broken, but so cute. I wish you would stop growing up, yet at the same time I can totally see the teenager emerging slowly, as your face takes on more adult features.

Christmas was good for you this year. You still don’t jump out of bed at the crack of down on Christmas morning. I had to send Gwennie in to wake you! Santa brought you a few long sleeve shirts and some nice boots. You also received a solar system and moon that hang in your room.

I am frustrated with you. But not because of anything you have done. In fact you are nearly perfect as far as six year olds go. You talk. All. Of. The. Time. And quite honestly, I have not been patient with you or your sister lately. I am a bit of a… well word that I don’t want you to use. It has nothing to do with you, as you are so cute and sweet, and loving. You tell me stories that I don’t want to hear. You talk about things we talked about five minutes ago, and then you tell me something obscure that I have no idea about. Usually it is a statement, like “You have seened one of these turtles afore.” Huh? Then you show me a picture in a book of a soft shelled turtle. As far as I can remember I haven’t “seened” one of those turtles in the wild ever. Maybe you know something I don’t? Where did that come from?

Right now you are sitting downstairs making clothes for your newest doll, Mandy. You have napkins and are safety pinning them to her. So creative. And I love you for it.



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