I feel so depressed right now. Well, maybe not depressed, more like sad, and lost. My brain is racked with thought and I am confused and also... sick. I want to curl up in a ball on the couch and sleep. But every where I look is a filthy house, and things that need to be done.
This week has been busy. Every day seems to be filled to the brim with things I need to do. And I still haven't found a day care provider. I know it probably that it will not happen. I will end up dropping the class. Fine.
But I could really use a reason to get away from Gwennie Goo. She is driving me bonkers! I want to scream at her. She won't listen she is obstinate, and well in full throws of the terrible twos. I am tired of it.
A few friends have invited me to come to a coffee shop on Tuesday nights with them, and I might totally have to take them up on that. I need that. I need friends and I need nights out. If I weren't feeling like my throat is on fire I would have gone to the birth circle tonight. I wanted to go, but then I don't... and I just medicated myself so that I can sleep without being stuffed up. This cold will pass soon, and I will feel like myself again, right?

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Doulala said...

Just yesterday I thought about posting to tell you that I missed seeing you at the Birth Circle. I'd love to chat with you. I can relate to a lot of the feelings you've been writing about.

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