Yearly Rituals

Why does the beginning of the new year mean our family (more precisely Gwennie Goo) catches a cold?
Last year it wasn't on New Years Eve but the year before it was.

Everyone seems to be feeling a little better this evening, but it stinks having to stay home tonight. Not that we have ever been big party people. Besides meeting Will at a party, he and I hardly ever attend them. With the illnesses I haven't even started Gwen's monthly newsletter or Rhayn's either.

Will gave me his old computer, well his old two computer's ago box. But it is an upgrade from mine. It is driving me crazy. It has three yes, THREE fans inside and it is so freakin' loud that I want to scream. It also doesn't fit nicely under my desk like mine did. This means my desk is no longer nicely against the wall. That is driving me bonkers. I will have to spend tomorrow rearranging my desk to find a way I can live with it. And having Will remove a fan or two, I just don't like the noise. I like quiet...

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