Happy New Year!

We went to the in laws for New Years. Unfortunately Bug came down with a cold the day we were scheduled to leave, and I figured she would be ok, maybe a little stuffy and uncomfortable, but generally happy like usual.

Boy, was I wrong!

In this picture you can see the right eye oozing, and she had puked all over me countless times. It was the most miserable couple of days!

She still isn't feeling better, and today I gave her a warm bath and put some vapo-rub on her she might be able to eat. She gorged herself then proceeded to spit up all over me! It was fresh warm milk, all over my clean shirt. Yuck! However she seems to be feeling a little better after that and even is sleeping, as well as my chest doesn't feel like it is going to explode now, so its ok.

I am miserable, tired and sore from carrying a sick baby around. She didn't want to be put down very often, and she also didn't want you to sit down! It was not fun at all.

Will and Rhayn woke up today feeling worse. Yeah. Its going to be a long day, and hopefully we'll all feel better in the morning!


dacheese said...

poor baby. Madder has had a lot of boggers...But other than that is good!

dacheese said...

So next monday? whatcha doin'?

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