Update on our weekend.

The sun shines brightly today. I miss the clouds and rain already. It was however a great day for a quick trip to the zoo to attempt to get a few decent pictures for the family photo card.

Yesterday was jam packed until about 1500. We spent the morning making cookies for a holiday party for Will's Army squad (not sure if that is the correct term.) Then at ten we headed to Rhayn's school to check out the wares at the Winter Faire. As we stood in line to look at something it poured on us. It was cold and damp all day. (In this picture of Gwennie Goo she is wearing a super cute sweater knitted for her by a great cousin. It finally fits her, and just in time for cool desert days! And luckily the gnomey hat still fits, too! Thanks! She loves her sweater.)

At noon we needed to be on Base. The party started then. The poor girls were hungry and we had to wait to eat. But the party was fun, the white elephant gift exchange was a riot. They said it was better the year before, with everyone trying to get a Kevin Federline CD, this year there was only one steal. We ended up with some fruity vodka and martini glasses. Not too bad, at least the glasses are nice.

At home we spent the evening relaxing and enjoying each other's company. We do not get to do that very often.

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