Steady Rain

That word sums up the feeling that yesterday's storm gives me. The whole of Phoenix is awash in puddles and mud. The dust and pollen that filled the air two days ago has been beaten down with at least ten hours of steady drizzle.

It all started around one p.m. yesterday. Really it started when I awoke and let Lily out to pee. The air had that smell of imminent rain. The breeze had a humid feel to it. I could feel my soul rejoicing, my inner water baby swimming in the prospect of a rainy day.

By 2, the water pouring out of the sky, I sat at the school. We were decorating for the school's Winter Faire. We waited, watching the playground become a pool, watching kids run barefoot, gleefully, singing, playing, happy.

So cleansing.
So refreshing.
Desert Rain.

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