My friend's wedding was lovely. The wedding part was short and sweet. They wrote their own vows and that made it more special.
The food was delicious. The view spectacular.

My kids were holy terrors. I am so glad I brought my converse along so that I could run after them. I mean its not like they could have gotten far, as we were on the rooftop of a building (with glass barriers to the eight story fall. I did well, and not once did I get that severe height anxiety/panic attack that I usually get on tall buildings. So be impressed there.)

The wait between the service and the food was too long for kids. Perfect for adults with no children, to enjoy an open bar. We had a few Shirley Temples n order to pass the time.

Between the salad and entree Gwen had a meltdown, a serious, screaming, yelling, doing that thing where the two-year old becomes a board and then bends their back. By the time they brought us food, she had calmed down a little. However they ran out of children's plates, and she didn't get a plate of fries and chicken fingers. Rhayn shared with her, while they made her a plate. I was assured it would only take "about seven minutes." And I kept my cool by breathng deeply while telling the waitress "Thank you." I really wanted to scream at her because my child was freaking out, and hungry and it is not like it wasn't obvious that she was upset. I was also at the table of the parents of both bride and groom, those who paid for the wedding. It wasn't anyone in particulars fault.

After eating their fries with ketchup, Gwen gets up and runs off. I hadn't yet eaten the delicious little medallion of beef on my plate. So I tell Rhayn to keep her from running in to the elevator while I eat. When I was done we made a restroom run, and felt quite a bit better.

Back at out table, there was a plate of chicken and fries. They asked me if I wanted it boxed up to take home (YES!) The girls started dancing and playing with the bride's sister's four year old daughter.

Finally they cut the cake and we had a few slices. Rhayn ate a layer of hers then told me she was done. She looke so tired. Gwen at as much of the whipped cream frosting as she could. Then we made a graceful exit.

In the car Gwen said, "We ate cake" before falling asleep. It was a long drive home, to a neglected dog. (Poor thing missed dinner.) But we were all in bed by ten.

I have no pictures of myself last night that show my outfit or my hair (which I spent quite a long time and hairspray) in some lame victory rolls. Rhayn told me it looked good, and I do think it looked cute, I want to get this hairstyle down. My hair is a little short and I do not have the sponges I would need for serious rolls, like in this video. I think I will have to stop in to Sally's Beauty Supply and pick some of them up. I adore that look, and I feel like I have a sort of "classic beauty" and could pull them off.

I ended up untucked, because of the sitting standing factor. That satiny shirt would not stay tucked for anything.

I really wish my husband was around more. I wish we were at functions as a family more often, instead of me having to explain, yet again, to another person, why he isn't there. It might be easier if I was a single mom, in that aspect. "Oh he is just an absent father." But he isn't, he very involved in our lives, he is great, but just busy. I think this is a preparation for that day he runs for governor of this state, or congress. I know he will be in politics, and I will have to support him. (Oh, and don't forget that in about a year he will be deployed to the war zone.)

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abeNanna said...

If we were "great" grand parents we would have swooped in and told you that we would babysit. But instead we left you to experience the joys of motherhood all by yourself. Maybe we will get better as time goes along. (It was also the football playoffs and Cooltown was playing Payson and you know how much dad likes football) and....

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