Busy Day

Last year when I went to the dentist, Gwen panicked and wouldn't actually let me have my teeth cleaned. So today I was a little worried. Rhayn went back, had her cleaning and everything is good. Then it was my turn. Luckily, Gwen was distracted by the large basket of silly little toys that kids get after a cleaning. I had taken some ibuprofen because the last few times I have gone, as she was cleaning my teeth it hurt a little. So I decided to take preventative medication. She told me that was probably a good idea.

After the dentist, I took Rhayn to have a hair trim. (Not a cut, saying a hair cut makes her nervous, because she is trying to have "long hair for braids" at the moment.) I adore the lady who cut her hair. I prefer her to cut my hair as well.

Following the hair trim, we decided to get lunch, as it was already eleven. Rhayn picked Chinese food, then I asked her if she wouldn't prefer onion soup. Her reply was, "Oh, Yeah! I forgot about onion soup!"So we ate at Mimi's.

It was nearly noon by this time, and instead of taking her to school we went to Target. I know, she should have gone to school, but I rarely keep her home. Plus, even if I took her to school, it would have only been about three hours. I still needed to go to the grocery store as well.

Needless to say, I am wiped. I wish I could just sit on my bum but I had to put away laundry. Now its time to start prepping dinner. Maybe after dinner I will get to rest? Do you think?

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