Feeling Emotionally Better and Physically Worse.

I am feeling better, as far as missing my sweet little Becky-Boo-Boo. However I am pretty sure I am coming down with a cold. Will brought it back from a recent trip to Little Rock, Arkansas. It also gave him a viral case of conjunctivitis. Oh yeah, our house, the den of illness. So much fun. Will was sent home from work today, apparently they do not want his cold and pink eye. But he couldn't get out of drill over the weekend, having to pass and APFT even (which he did even though he was really sick.) So far it seems that I am developing a little bit of cold symptoms, sneezing and feeling really tired. The girls and I have avoided the conjunctivitis. I just got over being sick with some respiratory infection.

My class has been neglected, with me scrambling to read the chapter in time to take the quiz on Sunday evening. This is the third week of that. I did get most of my chapter read today, and I plan on finishing tomorrow afternoon. I also plan on taking the quiz as soon as I can after that, and starting on the next chapter. Ah, but these are plans, and lately NONE of my plans have gone through.

My yoga class is great. I really enjoy it, but last night was fairly miserable with all the sneezing I was trying NOT to do in a fairly small room full of people taking deep breaths. I was exhausted when I came home, and then Gwennie refused to sleep without nip in the mouth. The night before I had let her whine and moan and eventually she fell asleep on the floor. She used to do that when she was younger. But last night she was so worked up, she could barely breathe. After about thirty minutes of her crying, and screaming "NO! NO! NO! I was uh stairs!" I told her if she stopped crying I would pick her up. I am so mad, because the "NO NO NO!" scream/cry sounded JUST like Care-Bear (whom I am no longer watching) and is something Gwennie never did before she came to stay with us. I do not like the habits that Gwennie picked up from Care-Bear. I thought that maybe we could teach her some good habits, and Rock, too. But no. There was no change, and now I just wish that I could undo the months of damage I feel like she caused my children. I just hope I can get Gwennie to stop screaming at me like that, and hitting, and biting. I do not like any of it.

I think I will lay down in bed right now, and hope that my cold is short lived.

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