Motivate me!

I just can not get myself motivated. I did go to Target today to get a shelf that I needed. BUT I have projects that I have started all over the house, and none of them seem done.

Not true, I did go through my clothes, and got rid of 3 bags of my and Will's old shirts and pants. BUT those bags were supposed to get put out on the curb YESTERDAY for the VVA pick up.

Admittedly some of my projects are on hold because of extenuating circumstances- such as a roommate who will be here until the end of the month. We are hanging onto some furniture for him, and that is causing our "toy room" to be over full, and I am so done with that mess. Or the heat, (a garage that can not be cleaned/organized until the summer goes away and we reach only the 80s in the day time.)

Other ideas that I have are on hold because of me just not getting off my butt. Did I finish reading my chapter and get my quiz done? No. Did I watch nearly 3 hours of tv this morning? Yes- well it was condensed Tivo programming.

Is my kitchen clean? Are the clothes washed? Is the floor vacuumed? um...No.
Am I doing any of that? Yeah... right.
Am I sitting on the computer trying to think of things to write because I want to sit here and be creative? Yes.
Am I spending quite a lot of time sitting on the floor talking to and playing with Gwennie? Yes. I think that is the best reason for not getting anything done. Like she and Rhayn will care that the house is clean... they will care that I spent time with them, and played and sang with them.

So I guess maybe I should crack open a soda and do some work (the sugar/caffeine might help!)

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Good luck with that! I seem to have a hard time to get motivated also.

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