I have slept nearly the whole day away.

I woke up yesterday with a migraine, and it continued on through last night into today. Will told me to go back to bed (I was laying on the couch asleep anyway) and so I did. I slept until 10 am. But the headache was still there when I got up. It took my regime of ibuprofen, magnesium, tylenol, caffeine and an ice pack to make it go away sometime around noon.

Will told me it was time to see a doctor about my headaches. I think its time to take the IUD out and see if that helps. It surely won't hurt, because since getting it, I have no sex drive at all. I will come up with any excuse to avoid that. (Yeah, I know too much information!)

I can think of a few other things that are not going to help that part of our relationship- one of them is what he is doing at this very moment... playing World Of Warcraft with our roomey. Yeah, that makes me want him so dang bad. I knew it was only a matter of time before he was sucked in. Rock plays it every night after Caroline goes to sleep. I know that they enjoy playing together and stuff, but he has wasted nearly the darn day on it!

Yesterday was Rhayn's last day of school. It was a fun day, too bad I was headachey and Caroline was acting up all day. We took some great pictures, and Rhayn had a really good time. I am sad, but it hasn't really hit me yet.

Sometimes in the night last night Gwennie started coughing so hard for about an hour. She gagged a few times, and finally I tried to wake her up by taking her in the bathroom with the light on. I was attempting to get her to drink some water when she started coughing again and gagged so hard she puked. She went back to sleep after that just fine, but coughed on and off throughout the night.

I have moved my computer out of our kids' toy room and into my bedroom. I was having a really hard time getting homework done and am hoping that being able to shut myself into the room will make it easier. I was also tired of being surrounded by toys! There are a lot of things in that room that will be out of here soon. It has become a catch all for crap. Way too many crappy bookshelves, and I want quality to the ceiling ones (I would actually prefer some built-in cabinets that would cover the half wall, it has been my plan since we decided to buy this house.)

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JadaInnovations said...

don't tell joe but I hate world of warcraft. whenever he has free time he plays. i am packing the house and he plays. i go to bed he plays. i need him to get some energy out of collin but he still plays. i know he needs a break from life or reality but when do i really get mine?

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