End of the School Year

My darling Rhayn,

Tomorrow is your last day of Kindergarten. How time has flown. It seems only yesterday I was at your school filling out an application hoping with fingers crossed that you would get picked.

There will be celebration tomorrow at school, and a potluck. We are supposed to bring something, but I have been so preoccupied with taking care of you, Gwen and Caroline this week, that it has not been possible.

You have grown and changed a lot this year. Looking back at your pictures, your face was still round with baby fat, and now its on its way to adolescence.

I can not believe you are six, and will be in first grade next fall! I feel so sad, because you are my baby, but you aren’t a baby at all anymore. I am sure I will cry tomorrow, because I love the community that we have at your school. So many faces that I have grown to appreciate and love. So many voices I love to hear. So much friendship all around.

My dearest Rhayn, I hope you never lose the joy you have right now, and the curiosity that fills you. You have made me happier than I could have ever imagined, and although I wish you could stay my little girl forever, I can not wait to see the wonderful woman you will someday be.

I love you,

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