Haircuts and bruised heads

I took Rhayn to get a haircut. I am sick of her hair. Either food is in it or its in her eyes. She wanted to wait until after school was out, so we did.

The lady who cut it thought the way I wanted it cut was strange. When I tried to explain it, she said, "A boy cut?" Yes- a boy cut. It came out really cute though, and totally fits her personality. And yes, I know its almost the same as mine, but hey, she has had Grandma's hairstyle for a long time, its about time she had mine. It looks even cuter when its not all messy , but its short and for the summer, that is what we wanted. She is happy with it, and its that what matters most?

Gwennie ran into a door tonight. She has a lovely bruise from it. Ah the joys of a baby.

1 comment:

purplelurple said...

poor baby, Gwennie! Rhayn's hair looks so cute.

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