Couple of pictures

This picture is of the neat Diaper Babies that Stacey made for both of us.
The bottom one is pretty self explanatory, we were comparing bellies! Mine is much more "out there."

I wonder who will be born first? Any guesses? I was sure my baby would be born tomorrow, but right now, I am hoping she waits and turns head down first. dacheese is thinking of the 25th.

Come on- guesses? - dates and weights!?


tif-do said...

yours- 6.9 born Sept. 20 am

hers- 7.1 born Sept. 27 pm

leaner said...

6.9? Nice a small baby! Rhayn was 6 14. Tuesday- ah- I could go for that.

My guesses
ME- Sept 22 (am) 7 pounds 1 ounce
dacheese- Oct 2 (am) 8 pounds 3 ounces

tif-do said...

Oct 2nd is tlc's birthday!

leaner said...

Oh yeah, and my hubby's brother's twins (they will be 2~) they were born on tlc's b-day. I knew that... doesn't change that I think her babe will be born that day!

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