Another day another mess

Its Sunday morning, the 18th. I thought for sure today would be the day this baby would be born. I can say that the nesting instint is really strong today. Maybe the mess from contruction is finally catching up to me.
I am really uncomfortable. I slept terribly. I feel like I could easily go back to bed, but I won't. I need to at least get part of the house cleaned. I am thinking the master bedroom, and this room (our "game room" or my office.) Most of this mess is from Rhayn's toys and Will's Army crap. I don't think I have anything in here other than my computer and the stuff stacked around it. I really need another shelf, to put stuff on. I guess I could take the one I was planning on putting back in Will's office. I don't know.
Honestly- (hairball, you know it- I am a neat freak) this room isn't really messy at all. Its a little cluttered.
There is the small chance that I could end up having this baby tomorrow, without real warning (from my body.) I want to at least finish the few last things I want to have done.
Yup- I am babbling...
Rhayn and Will are watching tv downstairs and I really wanted to get that cleaned but I don't want to bother them. I want some ME time. Maybe that is what I need most of all. ME time. It is rare to get.
I guess its time to get off my butt.

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