My little sister graduated from High school last night. I was worried that she would chose to not walk with her class, but she did. With the cap and gown on you could hardly tell she is pregnant- because everyone else looks pregnant in those!
It was HOT out- like 100 degrees, even though the graduation started at 8pm. It was pretty tiring.
We still had an hours drive afterwards, so we didn't get home until after midnight. I have had a hard time getting going this morning, in fact I just barely "woke up for real." I woke up at 8 and moved to the couch and proceeded to fall back asleep. Rhayn watched sesame street, dragon tales, clifford and arthur before I could make myself get up off of my lazy butt.
I think I am jealous of my sister's pregnant belly. She looks more pregnant than me! But I am a little further along than she is.

You know, I never disclosed what I am having here, did I? It is a girl!
I was so stoked, because Will had said if we have another girl we can try later to have our son. So this is a girl and he has committed to another child at some point in the future. I think that made me more able to enjoy this pregnancy, because I know in my heart that there is another child up there for me. I am pretty sure its my boy, that he is waiting to be my little mama's boy. I just feel him, I kept saying before this pregnancy I wanted 2 girls and boy. I guess we'll wait and see, though.
In the beginning of this journey, I told everyone I was having another girl. Then I started to doubt myself, because Will was determined that he had produced what every man seems to want- male offspring. I assumed that I was right and never doubted with Rhayn so- I must be wrong this time. Rhayn said it was her sister from day one. As soon as we got her over the idea of one of each- Twins! ACK! So she knew. Pam (the midwife) told me siblings are almost always right. She was. But I was right, too. So I am listening to my intuition. Our next baby will be a boy. He will be my little Liam Arthur or whatever name we have chosen by then.... Its just too bad that this little thumpergirl doesn't have a name yet! And her arrival is imminent in less than 20 weeks, she will be here!
Will likes the name Allison, its ok.
I like the name Gwendolyn- but we can't put those names together- not with our last night! too much!
I guess its back to the drawing board for us! I just can't seem to find her name. Rhaynnon became Rhaynnon around the time she was discovered.
I was 8 weeks along and I "knew" she was a girl. I did chose a boy's name in case- Geoffrey Simon, luckily I didn't have to use it, because I don't like it now! I am sure had she been a boy I would have loved him and his name would have been good. But looking back- I am really glad I got my Rhaynnon Loretta!
Naming a child is such a difficult thing, I don't want her to have a name like anyone, so any names in the top 300 are pretty much out (by the way Allison was number 246 in 2004, but it wouldn't be too bad.) So where do I start my search? I keep expecting her name to POP out at me! and For me to say OH! Your name is .... but it hasn't. Maybe because I need Will's approval this time.
I guess we still have a few months to ponder her name- until then-
Thumpergirl it is!

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