another day another cold

I have been sick more since I became pregnant. I have a NICE cold right now. Its so nasty. My lungs are congested. Yuck! I have taken some medicine- at night hoping to stay asleep. Last night it didn't work. In fact I was up unable to breath and in pain more last night than I was during labor with Rhaynnon. I am so sure that I will be fine with the labor pains.
I had an appointment w/ Pamela yesterday. We talked about the "messiness" of birth. She said that the midwives clean most of it up. They make sure that any blood mess gets cleaned so that time after baby is born is not spent thinking about how we need to clean. She is so reassuring, and I am so glad that I found her. She came so highly recommended.
I now weigh 130, and am measuring right on track. We were able to hear thumpergirl's heart with a stethoscope (or fetascope) then listened with the doppler and were able to hear the 4 chambers of her heart. She moved and her heart rate accelerated just a little, perfect. I know she is reassuring me that she will be fine (or God is at least!) Because I am so afraid something will happen to her.
I told the Pam about some of the dreams I have been having. Most of them are about me having this baby alone. I think Will will freak out and I sort of feel like she won't make it to the birth. Not really a bad thing. In fact I think I wouldn't even be against the idea of unassisted birth, if Will weren't so afraid of it. I think no matter what, it will all work out in the end and we will have a beautiful little baby girl to hold and nurse and love. I can not wait!

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