its been a while!

I started a babiesonline website and have been posting there, too. But I really wanted to update this site, too.

Rhayn has been so awful lately- I swear that she is going through one of "those" stages- the ones when you want to scream. She keeps telling me "no" and ignoring me when I tell her things. She will even LOOK at me- and proceed to do exactly what I told her not to do. Its been frustrating, because I feel so emotional and I can not deal with this as well as normally I would be able to. Like just now- I told her "no more tv today." She got mad and threw herself on the floor and whined about it.So I said stop... she says "you said i could after...." and I said well you watched too much tv this morning. Sobbing and whining... its so irritating! I know she is bored and staying home can be frustrating, but we are going out later this afternoon, so she can just freaking deal with it. She has so many toys that I would think she would be FINE!


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