ahhh--- morning

It is so nice to have him home! I kept waking up in the night to make sure he was still there. It felt so nice to have him hold me....

But this morning he is not home, because he has to report for duty at the base. I understand the National Guard works like that, but still, he JUST got home!!! Not even 24 hours and he is reporting for duty? He was pretty sure it was only a little while and he would get to come back home. So here's to hope!

I am so happy, it feels so weird that its been 10 weeks. Seriously, I picked him up at the airport and I was so nervous driving there, but once he was in the car- it felt pretty normal. I wanted to hug him more, but figured we could have snuggle time at home. I know Rhayn just wanted to talk and talk to him, she was telling him about everything that she could think of, pretty much going back 2 months. She has a pretty good memory! She wanted him to look at her room at home, she wanted to show him all of her new toys. I know he was exhausted but he tried so hard to be excited. He slept nearly all afternoon but woke up in time to order pizza and watch Aladdin. Then we put Rhayn to bed at 8:30. So we could have some time together, poor guy kept dozing off. I just hope that he can catch up on sleep and will feel more alert soon. I know even a regular "vacation" is hard and you feel sleep deprived- but he actually is sleep deprived!

It is so early for me, the sun isn't even up yet. I can look outside and see the blush of it coming up over the horizon, a pale peachy color. I am so happy with life right now!

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