Well I found out you can't use Netscape to post on your blog. I mean I tried all last weekend. So I finally opened Internet Explorer and BAM! I could type.
Now I am struggling w/ typing because i have a natural keyboard and this is not, so its really hard for me to type!

Last night i went to the high school football game w/ my parents. it was a lot of fun. it was cold out so mostly i got to enjoy being outdoors! today is my cousin's babyshower.
my right arm hurts from typing and i only just started! WAHH! i wonder why it hurts? I have the keyboard in my lap, trying to make it hurt less. i am so spoiled w/ my computer at home!

it is a lovely day here in the desert, the kind of day you want to spend outside geocahing or something. if you haven't tried that its pretty fun you need a GPS, and time:) caches are hidden all over the world! I don't have a GPS sadly, but we go w/ my parents who have found over 100 caches so far. But I want to get Will a GPS for Christmas, and then we can go find some in the city and still have one when we come to the desert. I love living here, when the weather is nice like it has been this week. I am ok w/ the heat, but i love cool/cold weather.

I am hoping we get to see snow this winter. Rhayn gets so excited I went to visit my aunt in Colorado in May and it snowed while we were there, and WOW! Rhayn was so excited! "mom, its SMOWING!!!" she is so cute! she wanted to be out in it, so we walked around my aunt's town. Oh it was so beautiful! i miss Colorado, its my dream home.

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