ahhh- good sleep, too much sleep

Well last night i fell asleep after reading a dumb book, and i had the windows open so it got pretty chilly in the room. But that means that I was better able to sleep. I love sleeping when I am cold! its so amazing how much deeper you sleep!!
today I have to finish getting us ready to go to my parents then we are out of here!
I am sipping a Chai (my favorite morning drink) and thinking of how long its been since i had a good hug, only a few more weeks then Will will be home....
i wonder if things will be hard when he gets home?
what will it be like?
Will he have changed much? I am sure he will have. he has been at Basic Combat Training, becoming a "Soldier" and he was so much against the idea of that a few years ago I think. I don't know.
He is such a strong minded person, being yelled at for 9 weeks just didn't sound like something he'd want to do. But he is almost through. Maybe it was a test for himself, to see if he really CAN do anything! I knew he'd make it.
Have I changed? I have had to be in charge of our house, our bills, our life. Which is something I have never had to do before. I think I did an ok job, although there are a few times I shouldn't have gone shopping! lol I think I have made it fine and our bills are all paid and our account is still- well- not empty. ;)
So everything is fine.
I guess I should get to my tasks.

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