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Natalie can say sentences. She makes them often, just now she came up, and asked me "mom? bite cheese?" because I am eating string cheese (one of the things I can usually eat when I am feeling queasy and have yet to throw up.) Sometimes when she asks for a bite she will sign "please" by making big circles on her chest. It melts me when she does that.

In the morning she tells me to get up by saying "Bup!"
She calls nursing "nuh nies" and asks for them often. We're still nursing often and some days I am fine with it and other days I am sooo over it. But she isn't even 2 and she looks so heartbroken when we can't (or I won't let her) nurse.

She has been hitting and scratching lately. Rhayn seems to get most of it, and I have no idea why. I need to stop it NOW. No idea how though.

I got a prescription for Zofran, which is an anti-nausea medicine that is considered safe while pregnant. I took it yesterday and for didn't feel queasy in the evening at all. In fact I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner for us all, plus we sat down and ate it together. It was nice. Except that it gave me really painful gas and that kept me up all night. But I was able to drink lots of liquids and finally felt hydrated (something I've been struggling with this time around) though that also kept me up with all the peeing.

I don't like taking it and I am worried that it may be the reason I have a headache today (side effect #1, another is constipation). But it feels sinus-y and I have thick mucous along with it. I know you wanted to read about the stuff on my tissue didn't you?

But I don't feel sick and if I just take it for a few days and get the house back to order (I haven't cleaned the floors in weeks! They are nasty.) it may be worth it, besides I'm having some friends over on Wednesday and I need to get the house presentable and make some banana bread and chai before they come over.

But for now, I am going to nap and watch some crappy t.v. Maybe even a Christmas movie. 

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