I am thankful for
~11 weeks along. Knowing the feeling like puking* will eventually get better and at some point I will feel awesome. And at the end of this all, a new person will join our family.
~my awesome kids. Sure they fought often this weekend, but while I was down all day Sunday they were good, and let me rest. 
~tylenol. Yes it barely takes the edge off the migraine, but it does take enough of the edge off that I can sit upright. But I do miss excedrin migraine- I haven't been able to take it in years because of being pregnant or nursing. 
~Natalie letting me nap through the worst part of my migraine this afternoon, she even stroked my head a little bit while we watched Bolt. 

*I've thrown up twice today and I am pretty sure it has more to do with this stupid migraine on top of the pregnancy than anything. But I had even taken an anti-nausea medicine this morning hoping that it would help me be able to eat, instead I am pretty sure it is the reason I have the migraine in the first place. So hopefully if I don't take it again this headache will go away and I can go back to just feeling queasy all day and throwing up once in a while. Because I can not take this.


Briep said...

I am sorry you are so sick!

Amanda said...

holy shit.

Um. I've been avoiding my blog, and so, by affect, I haven't seen yours in a few weeks. EEEEK! I'm so freaking excited for you!!! Oh my goodness. Damn. I can't believe we are so far away.

Congratulations Helena! Is this on facebook yet? (I've been kinda avoiding that also) Oh my goodness, I'm going to go read everything that I've missed.

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