Weekly Gratitude

Its Monday again. I want to write a gratitude post, but am struggling a bit with feeling that. Here goes... (Also these are most likely the same things I have been grateful for lately- or pretty close to that.)

We are half way through a tough time. Will is back and forth and all over the place. He is working so hard for the betterment of our family and life. I am grateful for that. I know that someday we'll look back at this stressful part of our life and be thankful for it. (Maybe we'll just be thankful that it is over! But we'll be thankful.)

I hate saying this- but without Rhayn I don't think I would be functioning very well. She helps me by holding Natalie while I get things (like making dinner) done. Though sometimes I resort to wrapping her so that I can get things done. I really like baby wraps. Its really the most comfortable way to "wear" a baby. Though not the easiest.

Gwennie is so funny, this morning she was interrupted while she was telling me a story. When we all settled back in to finish the story- she started with "As I was saying..." and it made me giggle.

Natalie is a show off. When other people are over, including Daddy, she is a joy to be around. Big smiles and laughs, cuteness all. over. the. place. But during the week... she is a pain. Last night was rough, well it was actually early this morning. She was tossing and turning and fussing. If we didn't bedshare I would have been up staring at her because she was making so much noise. Then Gwennie had a nightmare and came in, eyes full of terror and tears. I allowed her to finish out the night with me. (Rhayn often slept with us after a bad dream, also.)

Natalie woke up feeling yucky this morning. She hasn't nursed yet, but she's spit up a few times*. As I was changing her diaper, Rhayn came over and blew a raspberry on her neck. Usually this makes her laugh, instead it made her cry. Rhayn felt awful. Natalie took a while to get over it, continually sobbing while she was tucking her head into my armpit.

*Lily was a huge help and gross, this was the first time she cleaned up the spit up. She usually turns her cold, wet nose up at it. But this morning she slurped it up. It may have been because Natalie spit up on the kitchen floor and not on the carpet? But who knows.

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