This post is a whole lot of word vomit, with no rhyme or reason. So don't feel obligated to read it. Okay... Now here is a cute picture of some chubby legs.
We recently got home from a short trip to Cooltown. My nephew G turned 11 today and they had a small get-together for him. It was a perfect excuse to visit with my family.
I started off yesterday feeling really depressed. And as usual while I was there, I was fine. But now I'm home and those dark feelings and fears are back full force.
I am thankful that my depression is mild. Sure I could take meds and not feel this way, but I like feeling good and am afraid I would feel numb instead. I also think that having this sort of depression is NORMAL. One can't be happy all of the time, can one?
Maybe it just makes me feel better to think that I am normal.

Tonight my niece is staying over. "My first sleep-over" she keeps telling me. Its so cute both she and Gwennie are super excited about it. But Gwennie is being a total brat, too. She didn't sleep well the past few nights, so she needs sleep. I suppose it isn't happening tonight.

I want to go to sleep or at least go to bed and read. But also I want to write. I have a few errands that I needed to run on the way home today, but none of them were finished. I need to take Gwennie's vaccination record to the school. I also need to pick up Will's dress shirts from the laundry. We've decided that having them pressed is worthwhile. Will can iron his own shirts but it takes a long time. I, on the other hand, suck at ironing. Its just not a skill I have acquired. I know... practice... practice... bla bla bla.


Mo said...

I am sorry you are feeling so low! I am sure it will pass but I also think that sometimes it is absolutely O.K to get help. I was feeling awful a couple of months ago, really scared, anxious and sad, and I was encouraged to go on a very low dose of an S.S.R.I by a Dr I saw about something else entirely. I don't like taking meds for anything, but I have been feeling so much better, and I don't feel numb at all, (I was worried about this too), just more "normal". You are right, we aren't meant to feel happy all the time, but we aren't meant to feel low or depressed most of the time either. I hope you don't mind me saying all this but I really care about you a lot and hate to see you down. Big Hugs. x

leaner said...

I don't feel down all of the time, thankfully.
I think much of my issues right now are due to not knowing what is going on in our life. Not liking it. :(

Anonymous said...

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