She is worn out from camping and getting some snuggle time from her cat and baby sister.

This week (or really the last few week since I neglected to do this) I am grateful for-
~Will being home. He's been gone on and off for 2 weeks now, and I am glad he's home, at least for a short while.
~friends who took Rhayn camping with her school since I was unable to.
~Rhayn being home. While she was away this weekend I realized how much of a help she has been to me. I know that she is 10 and sometimes a brat, but more often than not she helps me by holding her sister while I get things done.
~having a weekend with Gwennie. Sure, yaya was here, too, but I really got to spend time with just Gwennie and we enjoyed that.
~baby laughs. Seriously the best. thing. ever. Yaya laughed yesterday, multiple times, while being tickled. She also saw her big sister, Rhayn (who had been gone all weekend, remember?) and laughed at her and gave her the biggest circle smile ever.She wants to sit up and see the world, my sweet little busy baby.

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