10 weeks old

10 weeks. 10 whole weeks have flown by. Yaya is growing steadily bigger and more alert. She smiles easily and is a relatively happy baby. We're on top of the eczema, it doesn't bother her, yet.

Yesterday I took her to the doctor for her 2 month well child exam and vaccinations. She weighs in at 12 pounds 11 ounces (80th percentile). That means she's gained 4 whole pounds since birth. My big, sweet baby girl. She hasn't grown much length wise, staying at just under 2 feet tall/long (85th percentile). But I think that the nurse measured her differently than she did before. Her head circumference is 40 cm or 15.7 inches (70th percentile).

She has met her milestones, and has awesome head control. But we knew that. I asked the doctor about her projectile spit up/puking and he said not to worry about it unless she is not gaining or losing weight. (She isn't, in fact had put on 6 ounces since last Wednesday!) Really he had no concerns which made me happy. Not that I had any concerns and longer as she hasn't been spitting up forcefully as much this week so its possible she is outgrowing that.

At the end of the visit, it was vaccination time. I hate, hate, hate that part. I was lucky enough to have been able to leave the big girls home with Will, as Gwennie is terrified that she needs shots (she does) at her next office visit. She gets more afraid if she has to see her sister get vaccines because she screams. Anyway- at 2 months she got 3 shots (one combo shot that was 3 so it would have been 5).

Let me say that for Gwennie, I didn't start her vaccines until she was about 9 months old. We delayed because we were home, Rhayn was not yet in school and Will was in the Army but not traveling much. For Yaya, Rhayn is in school and a school that is heavy with international travelers and people who do not vaccinate. Will is traveling to California once a month and is around a lot of Foreign Nationals. I never doubted that I would vaccinate Gwennie, it was just a matter of waiting until she was older. With Yaya, we feel its safest to follow the guidelines and vaccinate her on schedule for her health. Again, this is our choice.

Yaya screamed after the vaccines for about 5 minutes. I held her and took her outside to nurse her in the shade. She called down but hiccuped a bit from all the crying. At home she slept as long as I was holding her. But at 7 became unhappy/uncomfortable. I took her upstairs and we lay down for a while. She had a low fever and was so miserable she had her first ever dose of acetaminophen. Within a half hour she calmed down and fell asleep. She was really unhappy during that half hour, and cried quite a lot.

She woke up her normal times at night, that is around 2-3 am and again at 4 or 5. She usually falls asleep at 9 so she is a very good sleeper.

This morning, she is fine. I am being careful around her vaccination sites, its not red or swollen but it is probably sore. I am just glad that the screaming, crying stopped.

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Amie said...

The poor thing! (Have you ever tried giving the acetaminophen before the office visit? It seems to help for some)

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