Cause, Effect and Half a Tail

Yesterday a freak accident occurred here. Gwennie slammed a door (with a pinch guard on it). I know that isn't a freak accident. But when she shut the door a cat's tail was in it. The tail was skinned. About 1/4 of her tail was fully skinned.

Gwennie didn't tell us about it. She threw the skin in the trash and hid for a while. Eventually Floh came downstairs as I was making dinner. I looked at her and saw the lack of skin on the end of her tail. I pointed it out to Will. We examined her and asked the girls what had happened. Poor Floh's tail looked like something out of a horror movie. And no, I didn't take a picture of it.

It was 6pm so we couldn't take her to the vet. We wrapped her tail in gauze, well I held her down while Will wrapped it.

This morning we took Floh and Lily (who was due for a rabies shot) to the vet. The vet seemed shocked when he removed the gauze. But Will had told him that her tail was degloved. Dr. Y said there was no way to save her tail. We knew that so it wasn't a surprise. Really there was no skin left on the end of her tail. Dr. Y had his assistant take Floh back to start work on her. Lily had her shots, and we left the vets office. Floh had to stay for a few hours while she had her tail amputated.

Amputated...Its crazy to think that because Gwennie was so mad that she slammed a door, our cat is now a bobtail.

When we picked Floh up at 2:30 she was really out of it. She hadn't fully come out of the anesthesia (whoo hoo I spelled that right on the first try.) so she couldn't even stand up. We brought her home and she settled in. Its been a few hours now. She is wandering around the house trying to adjust to life with only 1/2 a tail.

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