Of Boogers and Violins

Sweet baby girl is sick. I thought at first it was like an allergy thing, she was just a little stuffy. But now its gotten worse, and she's having trouble nursing. She threw up last night (NOT spit up, I know the difference, spit up doesn't come flying out and cover the chair like that) but that isn't uncommon for her. It makes me worry a bit. Of course this time, Googling projectile vomiting in a breastfed baby has calmed me. But still I plan on bringing it up at her next doctor visit. While I had planned to do today. I don't want to take her in feeling sick and expose her to even more illnesses.

I have a lot that I had planned to get done today. Instead I am holding her while she sleeps. I put her down, get 10 or 15 minutes of work done and she cries. Not just a little cry either. Then I have to hold her until she calms down and I can put her down again. Sigh. I am tired. She also was up much of the night fussing, well not awake fussing, sleep fussing.
Last night was Rhayn's spring concert. Rhayn looked beautiful for it (if only she would have smiled for me, she was mad that I made her stop to take a picture when her friends were calling her and we were running late as it was, 5 whole minutes late!). We had a great seat. Yaya was asleep through the pre-concert. But when they dimmed the lights and started, she cried. Her bottom lip popped out and she starting saying "wah wah wah" like a movie baby cry. She and I went out to the lobby and paced for a long time. I tried nursing her but no, she didn't want to do that. I was able to sneak in to the hall long enough to watch Rhayn's class perform "Shortnin' bread" on the violin, though they did 2 other songs. I didn't get to see those. The performance was split up into musical instruments and then singing. So after the 4th grade class played the violin they left the stage until the 5-8th grades had played their instruments. Then they came back on to sing. (The idea being that the put chairs out for the instrument part and stands for the singing part.) Gwennie was sitting with some friends, luckily its a small school and I know almost everyone and I knew she was safe.

Thanks to our good friend, S holding Yaya while Rhayn sang I was able to watch and also able to grab her at the end of their performance and leave. I wouldn't have minded staying, but with Little Miss Fusspot, my body was physically exhausted.

I have had to use the bulb syringe on poor little baby girl so many times in the last few days. I hate it, she hates it. But I am not willing to buy one of these- The Nose Frida (how gross does that look?) I really hope to get a nap this afternoon, and I am so very grateful that it is friday.


Elise said...

sorry if i have mentioned this before, but does "yaya" maybe have acid reflux? which can cause all a lot of puking. my sister in laws baby had it and had some scary incidents of puking at nite and choking. what does baby doctor say?

Amie said...

Yay for Rhayn's concert! And eww gross nasty on the snotsucker thing!!! I've never seen one of those before. Who thinks these things up, seriously.

Get some sleep!!!

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