Worry Dolls and Dreamcatchers

Gwennie has anxiety issues. She worries non stop about some things. She will repeat her worries to calm herself. An example would be getting vaccinations* for school. She didn't want to go to school because she knew she needed a shot (who told her that? Maybe me, probably me.) So she talked about it constantly. We finally started telling her that she doesn't need it to star school, she needs it because she is getting bigger and that is what happens as you grow. Yaya getting vaccinations at her doctor appointments is helping with this. Now she'll constantly tell me that when you grow up you need shots to help you be healthy. (Yes, but it gets annoying as she says it all. the. time.)Gwennie is also terrified of the dark. She doesn't like to sleep alone because of it. She has this beautiful space to sleep in, too. Last week a good friend of ours told Gwennie about Worry Dolls while Gwennie was helping her in the school store. There was a small basket of them sitting there each little box cost $1. Gwennie badly wanted one. She constantly talked to me (for about 4 days) about how they take your worries away and then she could sleep in her own room. You just hold it in your hand, tell it your worry and place it under your pillow while you sleep and it takes that worry away. Surely, a $1 solution is worth trying, yes? We purchased a set on Monday as well as a red t-shirt for Rhayn to have her classmates sign at the end of the year.

At home, Rhayn showed me a how-to make Worry Dolls section of a book called The Daring Book for Girls that her BFF C got her for her birthday, as well as a how to make Dreamcatchers section. Then she and Gwennie made a Dreamcatcher for their cousin Madder. Rhayn made one for Gwennie and hung it up above her bed without Gwennie knowing. See it in the picture below? This is a great book and I highly recommend it!Monday night, Gwennie slept the entire night in her room. In the morning she came downstairs and said "The worry dolls worked!" She was so pleased with herself. She loved the dreamcatcher Rhayn had made her. Of course by the end of the day she was worn out and feeling stressed again and she told me that the worry dolls did NOT work (only 10 minutes after telling me that they did.) Yet, she slept in her room again Tuesday night, all night. We may have finally turned the corner but I am not holding my breath about it. I remind her that if she gets scared she can come to me, so she doesn't feel like I am kicking her out totally. She has been sleeping in a twin bed in my room since Yaya was born.

*Yes, I vaccinate my kids. I think it is a family-to-family choice, and I respect your choice please respect ours.

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