Feed me.

All I think about is food. I remember the insatiable nursing a newborn hunger, so this isn't a surprise at all for me. During this pregnancy I was rarely hungry. I craved very few thing including sauteed mushrooms, bacon and orange chicken, though not together thankfully!

But now? I can not stop thinking of food. I want to eat. Right now I wish I had a pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream. I want it enough I am seriously considering making it. I know it would go over well. I only wish I had cheater dough (making pie crust is a pain). I also don't have any whipped cream (or whipping cream). But that is easily remedied. Then again, there are a million recipes that I would gladly make, and eat, and almost all of them are desserts. Mmm, dessert.

On the subject of nursing. OW! I do not remember it hurting for Gwennie to latch on. I wonder if Natalie is latching too shallowly? It only hurts for about 5 seconds, and then it will hurt a little when my milk lets down (on both sides, right before the side she is not nursing from starts to pour milk.) Gwennie nursed for nearly 3 years, there is no way I would have made it that long if it hurt every time she latched on. So I wonder how long will it hurt? Or is it just that Natalie is a different kind of nurser?

Natalie is sleeping right now. She usually takes a couple of decent naps during the day. I was counting on her morning one and started going through Gwennie's clothes. Only Natalie did not cooperate. In fact she only slept about 45 minutes before she woke up and fussed and wanted to nurse again. She has been asleep since about 1pm, but I also laid with her and napped. I am attempting to make myself nap with her after lunch, because I was feeling so tired all of the time.

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