I woke up this morning, showered and even washed my hair. I took Rhayn to school and Gwennie, Natalie and I got out to go see the animals. Then Natalie started fussing and attempting to latch on to my arm. We sat down near the animals on a straw bale to nurse, while Gwennie fed grass and leaves to Apollo and Cocoa (two of the goats).

I picked Natalie up, and before I could burp her, she spit up about 1/2 a cup of breastmilk all down the front of me. The warm liquid pooled in my clean bra and soaked into the left cup as well as down the front of my green tank top.

Awesome I thought. At least I had a rebozo on so that covered up the wetness (its even the same one pictured in that).

When I got home I didn't change my clothes. Now I really smell like old spit up. I should change my shirt and bra.
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