I am grateful for these things:
~nearing the end of this pregnancy. I'll be 38 weeks on Tuesday/Wednesday (totally depends on which wheel you use!) I have been talking to the baby today about how its time to come out. We'll see if that sort of visualization works. Many people swear by it.
~having a really lazy day. Last night Will's flight came in 4 hours late. I was irked by the 10pm flight, lets just say that when it didn't come in until almost 2 am, I was too tired to care. Then I couldn't sleep after we got home and so now I have felt like a zombie all. day. long. But I didn't have anything that HAD to be done today.
~Lily's swelling is all gone. Her ears are back to normal even, and I am so glad because I didn't have it in my to take her to the vet this morning.
~Will being home. I am so glad because I can relax and not worry about going into labor without him home.
~Rhayn. She had a cruddy birthday, but she isn't too upset by it. I know that we could have done so much to make it better, but she understands that its part of being the oldest. I love her so much.
~Gwennie. She is sweet and has played so nicely today so that I could rest. I hope that she doesn't get clingy when babykins comes, but we'll see.

Any guesses on date, time, weight and gender of this baby? Both girls were born the day after their due dates... but who knows with this little love.


Amie said...

I'm hopin' boy! And I'm thinking in 6 days on the 13th. And 7lbs 4 oz.

tif-do said...

I guessed the 13th on Facebook... So I'm with Amie. I'm pretty sure you'll have a girl or a boy, and I guess 8lbs even!

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