Doggie Duh-Rama

Lily's normal face.

Lily is a very healthy dog, she has had a few issues. When we gave up Penny I was sure that we would spend far less time at the vet. I was right.But this weekend Lily got into something or was bitten or stung by something. On Saturday morning she woke me up at 7am (I was trying to sleep in) because her face was swollen. Poor dog. I gave her a few doses of Benadryl and waited it out. Eventually the swelling went down some.
Doesn't she just look miserable? Notice her really puffed up flews? Doesn't she look a bit like a sharpei ?

We went about our day, and even made a trip to my parents' house (Lily came along, to play with her buddy Big Ole Blue and her little friend, Hailey.) Her face seemed to be ok when we got home. So we all went to bed.

3am Sunday morning. I have been listening to Lily run up and down the stairs for a while. She keeps shaking her head because I can hear the tags on her collar jingling. She comes over, and even though she KNOWS better, she puts her paws up on my bed to wake me up. I pet her and come downstairs, thinking she probably just needs to go outside. Alas, this isn't it.

Once we are downstairs, I look at her. I mean really look at her. Her body is covered in bumps. You can see her fur is not smooth like it usually is. Even her whip-like tail has bumps on it. Her face is swollen again, and this time even her ears are puffy. The puffy ears seem to be her biggest problem, causing her to roll on the floor trying to get relief.

Once again, I administered Benadryl, and a lot of loving. I gave her some middle of the night dog food to help her not feel sick from the medicine. At 4am, we finally went back to sleep. At least I did, I'm not sure if she did or not, but she stopped bothering me. I had also removed her collar so I could sleep and not have to listen to her jingling as she shook her head and ran up and down the stairs.

At 7am, I got up and Lily was not in any of her normal spots. I called for her and she came out of either the office or Gwennie's room (maybe even Rhayn's room where the girls were still sleeping). Much of the bumps had gone away, but her poor ears are still bothering her.

More Benadryl, every 4 hours has kept the facial swelling down. It has done nothing for her ears. It seems her right ear is bothering her more than the left.

And it looks like, unless her ears are better in the morning, I will be headed to the vets office after I drop Rhayn off at school tomorrow.

Fun times... remind me why we have a dog again? Anyone? Bueller?


Meli said...

poor swollen face!!

is that a plastic sheep on her head in the first photo? lol

leaner said...

It is a plastic sheep. Love balancing things on her head. :)

Mo said...

Poor sad, swollen doggy! So glad she is feeling better now.

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