38 weeks and Pretty Hair

I'm 38 weeks, that means 2ish weeks to go. I look bigger in the picture than I feel, which I think is weird. I also just noticed my first stretch mark from this pregnancy (in the picture!)

Today Gwennie and I went to a beauty school and got our hair cut. It was on my list of "must get this done before the baby comes". Gwennie looks adorable. She was so cute. The girl who cut her hair has a 2 year old daughter, so she was good with kids. Gwennie talked non-stop through the haircut. Then she let the girl curl her hair and make it look pretty. Which is something she almost never lets me do! These braided pigtails were the closest to "fixing" her hair that she has let me do in a long time. But she wants to have long hair. She looks cute with them, no? Now I just need to wait until Saturday afternoon or maybe Sunday morning to go into labor, ok? Maybe if we all think that at the same time late Saturday afternoon it'll happen. Because this week would be ideal- Rhayn has spring break so she'll be home all week.


Amie said...

You are SO CLOSE!!! Any day now! Prayin' for ya! :) And she looks adorable...And is this a pic of your new hair too? Sorry i can't remember what it looked like before..

Amanda said...

Your Gwennie looks ADORABLE!


call me call me call me for any thing. Especially when this baby of yours decides to make the grand entrance!

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Hang in there!

Much love,

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